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The Woodvale Sexuality Assessment

The Woodvale Sexuality Assessment will help you determine an individuals's social/sexual vulnerabilities and supervision needs. identify individual program objectives in the area of sexuality, prioritize sexuality goals and objectives, and establish homogeneous social skills groups.

Materials available:

Sexuality Assessment Worksheet:
A conveniently administered inventory of 100 questions designed to address knowledge and performance in such areas as privacy and ownership, basic anatomy, relationships, positive touch, sexual expression, birth control, victimization and sexually transmitted diseases. It can be used with individuals of varying levels of knowledge and abilities.
Sexuality Assessment/Curriculum Guide:
The guide was designed to be used in conjunction with the Woodvale Sexuality Assessment. It describes how each assessment item should be answered and provides information that can serve as a basis for training and program development. Included with the guide are 18 line drawings in a three ring binder, helpful in both assessment and training.
Sexuality Kit:
Includes 10 Woodvale Sexuality Assessment Worksheets, a Sexuality Assessment/Curriculum Guide, 18 line drawings, anatomically correct male and female dolls, sanitary pads, condoms, an artificial penis and a soft carry bag.

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