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Assessment of Personal Strengths and Needs

This instrument is a quick, two page assessment designed to show skills and abilities, as well as programming and health needs, for persons of all ability levels and ages. The 100 items are arranged into the following categories: Physical Ability and Health, Sensory, Communication, Coping Skills/Behavior, Personal Safety, Personal Care, Home Responsibilities, Shopping, Academics, Community, and Leisure/Social Skills.
  • It is useful in screening persons with disabilities for appropriate placement, providing an annual written review of strengths and needs, orientating staff and the interdisciplinary team to the "whole" person, and comparing change over time in the individual's over-all independence.
  • This assessment will also define specific levels of assistance required for many individual skills, define areas where current skill training or health maintenance objectives are in effect, and indicate specialized equipment required in care and programming.

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