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Independent Skills Assessment Scale

The Independent Skills Assessment Scale contains 300 items grouped into the following life skill areas:
  • Meal Planning and Preparation,
  • Personal Appearance and Hygiene,
  • Shopping,
  • Apartment/Home Maintenance and Upkeep,
  • Money Management,
  • Personal Safety/Use of Emergency Resources,
  • Personal Medications,
  • First Aid and Health,
  • Civil Rights and Responsibilities,
  • Telephone and Other Utilities,
  • Social/Recreation/Transportation,
  • Coping Skills and Behavior

This instrument was designed primarily for persons receiving fewer than 24 hours of staffing time daily, indicating service needs and measuring changes in skills over time.
Other uses include:
  • students in school settings who need to receive a balance of functional skill training along with academics
  • individuals with the potential for moving into clustered, or supported community settings
  • persons being screened for clustered, or supported community settings
  • the long-term individual who could possibly increase his or her independence.
Included with the Scale:
a) Community Integration Profile
addresses the strength of the individual's current personal support system.
b) Community Support Profile
explores the availability of local services which may be crucial for the individual's ultimate success in semi-independent or independent living.
c) Participant's Characteristic Profile

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